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Exclamation Re: A Word of Knowledge?/Prophecy?

There is a darkness coming upon the planet like 'heavy oil' that will cause couples to be unable to express their love'.
When I read this, this came up on my mind and also duncan Duncan O'Finioan
talked about a dark time. And I see many signs everywhere that major changes is comming up us soon. Expect this year the year that people who have called you crazy being banging up on your door to hear you speak

Written by Kishar Saturday, 27 February 2010 12:01
Under the summer rain in a place of drought will burn the beginning of the fall, the start of an uprising.

The balance of positive and negative energy has split into two distinct factions, on one side the positive is trying to show what should be done, but the negative is so loud the positive is forced to scream and so is being misheard and misunderstood. The negative sounds like a whisper, quiet and deceptively calming. The positive sounds like a scream, but it is only the cry of time running out.

Not really sure what to make of this. Any ideas?

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