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Default A Word of Knowledge?/Prophecy?

To whom it may concern,

I just returned recently from a Visit to the South of Mexico on business. September, 2009
While on the long drive home by Bus I was meditating upon the state of things and asked in prayer for a word of knowledge on "What should we DO? especially in regards to the upcoming vaccinations. What can we do to help make things better/ to protect ourselves and most importantly I asked for guidance on How to protect The Children.

I fell into a sleep like trance and upon awakening remember this...
and I quote...." There is a darkness coming upon the planet like 'heavy oil' that will cause couples to be unable to express their love'.
This can be interpreted in a number of ways. I thought it was timely now in view of the present situation here on Project AVALON.

Project Camelot and Project AVALON are a 'Couple". Together, they are presently some of the most important positive healing forces on the planet. Do not underestimate this! This is key!
Please, Go quietly into your chambers of holiness. Cover ALL involved with a healing salve of love and prayer...May the Light increase and extend all of us into Higher Realms of Truth and Love.
Diligently Pray for the Miracle of forgiveness; forgiveness for ourselves, for we are ALL truly one. This is the final lesson.
Thank you for your time...Blessed Be...In perfect TRUTH Beauty and Love,
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