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Default Re: Gurdjieff, Agents, and Elephants.

Hmm, I'm not sure! I haven't yet gotten an invite; I've never been a huge poster, just mainly a lurker. I was happy when this place went off subscription ('cause there were a few threads here and there that I wished to be a part of.), but I still don't post that often. Not unless I see something that I really resonate with.

So, if I get an invite . . . who knows? Maybe I WOULD join, just to see how things are going in Avalon 2.0. There's a lot of hyperbole connected to this upcoming forum, a lot of negative assumptions about it. It's probably best to go see for myself and see if it sticks! Really, I could always leave later if I'm not connecting with what I'm seeing from the members there. We'll just hafta see.

It's interesting 'cause there's another thread I'm posting in right now (the "What Sign Are You?" thread, started by Angel In Disguise.), and Harper just finished saying something wise that I think really pertains here. Harper said that Life gives us a "mixed message" - that we hafta give everything passionately of ourselves, yet remain an observer, a witness, and not to get too involved.

This is how I felt about the Thuban thread (and a few of the other angry/fearful ones as of late.) - if I REALLY "NEED" to post, I'm gonna be loving and supportive and not get emotionally involved. Give everything, but remain an observer, you know?

Do you have any other sites you may frequent in lieu of "losing" this one, if that's the path you choose to take? I personally love the Maya Forum ( and, but those are basically the only places I go to. is quite great, too - lots of loving, supporting souls there.

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