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Default Re: Good Free NRG machines

Originally Posted by bosr View Post
ProjectLightWarrior should open a free energy category with open source licensing and perhaps a private area for those willing to work together on the tech.
I wouldn't want to discourage people becoming involved to make free energy a reality for everyone.

There have been a few attempts to arrive at an open source solution but none have delivered anything of substance. OSEN, PESN, and Panacea-BOCAF are recent examples of well-meaning folks trying to bring FE tech to a level appropriate for release through open source mechanisms. The first obstacle is identifying valid working technology. This is a significant hurdle... especially due to the fact that these devices are not well understood and there are very few inventors that have had working prototypes. It also requires a level of expenditure that few are willing or able to risk.

In some ways it's like expecting an experimenter who builds a crystal radio in his spare time to design and build a modern cell phone. It's not impossible, but quite a leap. The FE genie is elusive. Few people have seen working FE systems, even fewer understand anything about how they work.

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