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Default Re: Good Free NRG machines

Originally Posted by WalkingTurtle View Post
...he just has to make the details of his machines public if he wanted to change something.
It would seem to be that simple, but unfortunately it doesn't appear so. Can you think of any significant breakthrough hardware technology that became prominent by the disclosure of the details publicly?

The open source model does seem to work well for software. The software world requires virtually zero tangible costs in the development and distribution of goods other than man-hours. The world population has an overwhelming surplus of man-hours available. What the population doesn't have is a surplus of money or resources to build physical goods. We've become entangled in a cultural system that consistently devalues labor and promotes scarcity of hard goods.
Indeed, any motivated individual that has the resources to build and develop over unity hardware (based on freely given information) would also have the rather insignificant amount to contribute to the source of the tech.

Also, in the past, WITTS had released plans for some of their technology to the public and it was mostly ignored. One of the devices was finally replicated and then patented by a group who has still yet to deliver any product.

I had similar ideas about all this a number of years ago but have come to change my mind about this issue. It's not going to happen until enough people awaken to the realization this tech is possible. I believe we are very close to that time.

It becomes somewhat frustrating to see the world throw money at trivial pursuits while ignoring the things that will truly make a positive impact on everyone. Ignorance and greed seem to be the sign of our times.

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