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Default Re: Good Free NRG machines

I just had some email discussion with John Phil. He's telling that he wants to change the world but he doesn't seem to realize that he just has to make the details of his machines public if he wanted to change something. He only talks about fundraising and building a factory.

Here's one of his replies:
Thank you for the encouragement

We have posted a lot of things on you tube, and many other venues.

The problem is not people being greedy with their knowledge.

The main problem is most over unity machines are too costly to build one at a time.
They need to be mass produced, in order to offer them at a affordable cost.

This has been true of almost everything down through history. The automobile was around
in the late 1800s But the average cost was 200,000$. The computer has been around since
the 1940s but before they were mass produced the cost was in the billions.

This Is why we are doing this fundraiser for mass production!

Please spread the word, If we each donate what we can, we can be in mass production
before the summer!
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