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Default Re: All we are is thought?

Originally Posted by Tango View Post
What we ' are ' is Consciousness Generators...

Whereas, from the chin down; WE are self, Transportable Generators...

Consciousness, is the Programming language of the Universe... That's what

we do. That's WHY we are here... We are the Creators...

Perhaps we as Conciusness Generators are but a manifest thought of the Source. Currently within this "inverse" reality, we as sub-sets of source manifest our thoughts of which we become concious.

Originally Posted by Tango View Post
What THEY had to do, WAS, control the Creators, THINKING........

To Create a population of SLAVES that are WILLING [creating] for them...

Willing [creating] a tax base [stealing, labor] for over 50 percent of the of

the working force. Willing [creating] products that damage the Creators.

Controlling the Controllers; which controls the Creators...

Could it be that THEY are WE and at this level of the game WE / THEY must create a fearfull restrictive reality in which to learn that LOVE is the way. LOVE is expansive. To grow we must "Get It"... that is, to understand the only way to grow is through LOVE.

Originally Posted by Tango View Post


.Hence the term ' free will '... Thy ' will ' be done... " Get it..."
I believe I'm getting there Tango

Much Love,
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