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Default Re: All we are is thought?

A message from Gerald... seems the servers were overloaded with attempts to access this recording. BTW you won't need to submit your name and email address if you use the link on the first post.

Hello dear friends:

Wow, I never expected the servers to be totally overloaded in 2hrs due to the amount of calls!!

I am sorry if you got a message telling you that the Teleseminar is not available.

We have solved the problem and I am now posting TWO different links that you can use to listen to this interview.

Please go to:

Trust me, if you really understand and integrate what is being said, you will NEVER be the same again!

Many happy thoughts and thank you for your support and kind interest.

Let the Mind adventure begin!

Until soon….

Gerald O'Donnell"

Love Firinn.
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