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Default Re: Jordanus Maximus and Why I Have Trouble Taking Project Camelot Seriously Anymore

I just have this to say about Jordan Maxwell. He has gone through a lot. After many (and I mean, many) requests to have him on my show, I finally did after one year of trying.

At the end of my show with him, I included a portion of audio that was from an off-line conversation he and I had. I included it so that people who don't know of his situation were exposed to a different perspective.

Even a friend contacted me to say someone wrote to him/her saying I had "Jordanus Maximus" (same words used as the OP). The person also said "I changed direction" and that "I was now doing shows on aliens (I always have) and the metaphysical (always have) and that I've turned anti-religion by having Jordan on. I respect everyone's beliefs and cover all areas.

Just because we (Project Camelot included) interview people does not mean we agree with their positions. We simply feel what they have to say is interesting enough and deem it important that people listen. That is all.

I remember getting flooded by e-mail from people who said my shows were turning too religious. That's when I had Ralph Epperson and Dr. Leonard Horowitz on. Go figure.

If Jordan was working for the Illuminati, ask yourself why he lives in a very small one-bedroom apartment? You can save the same about Michael Tsarion (he will be Veritas next week). I even said "What do you say to the people who say you're too negative?" If you listen, you'll hear his honest response.

In any event. I know many people have a problem listening to Jordan, but if you were more perceptive than many and thought you knew more about what is really going on, I tend to believe you would become very frustrated too.

Just my two cents on this.


P.S. If we only interviewed people who had the same opinions and viewpoints, could we really get to the truth? No. Besides, how boring that would be.

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