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Default Re: Talk of possible space shuttle emergency return....

I cannot help but think of an older Stargate SG-1 Episode where Master Bra'Tac is asking about our 'Space Craft' here on Earth.

Quote from Season 2 Episode 1 'The Serpent's Lair':

Master Bra'tac: Perhaps when the warships of your world attack, we'll be able to...
Samantha Carter: Eh, excuse me. Did you say 'the ships of our world'?
Master Bra'tac: Surely you have such vessels?
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Well, we have a number of - of...
Jack O'Neill: Shuttles.
Master Bra'tac: These... 'shuttles'... they are a formidable craft?
Jack O'Neill: Oh yeah. Yeah. Bad day.

I never watched this show until recently. I actually ended up purchasing the whole 10 season collection.
I found it to be more then just entertaining...
When I read this thread I just 'thought' of these set of lines.

EDIT: I mean no disrespect to anyone in this thread BTW...
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