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Default Re: Talk of possible space shuttle emergency return....

Below is a post from the RV forum, you can also go here:

You can also watch his video "The Kill Shot". He also talks about "Planet X". Good stuff.

"The Remote Viewing sessions showed that the “nearest recognizable preceding event” to the event referred to as “The Kill Shot” (actual cues not provided) was that the space shuttle would be forced down as a result of a simultaneous meteor shower.

This means a) there has to be a space shuttle in flight, b) it is forced down as a result of a meteor shower; and c) there is actually a space program using the shuttle. When these two events happen (in sequence of course), the Kill Shot will follow. How soon after this event? We don’t know, but the term “nearest” suggests only a very short time later. When we use the term “near-term” in cues, such as investment type cues, it refers to time frames 2-4 weeks out; but in this context, we don’t know. To be safe, it’s important to assume that the Kill Shot event will follow so closely that you should already be prepared for it when you see the shuttle being forced down.

As far as the timing of the shuttle being forced down: As kindredmachine indicated, that event can happen ANYTIME in the future between now and when the shuttle program is replaced by something else. To narrow down the timeframe of the event Major Dames added that the next shuttle launch was to be the STS 114 (therefore the Kill Shot couldn’t happen until after the SST 114 launch), and the shuttle was to be decommissioned by NASA in 2010 (therefore the Kill Shot has to happen before that). We have a 5 year window ladies and gentleman (unless NASA doesn't decommission the shuttle in 2010)."
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