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I'm just so danged impressed with the quality of the minds here! SpiritStones, I just know you are in the right place. AMA-GI, no better response could have been given!

My journey started a long time ago. I always had psychic abilities, and a very intense energy that either draws people to me or repels them. As a young person, I was taken under the wing of some unique people...a couple of mediums, assorted psychics, a bruja, and a few genuine occultists all mentored me as a teenager and young man. I cannot tell you how many times a total stranger has walked up to me and insisted that they knew me in another life, or that I hold some key to some mystery, or that they have some special knowledge for me or I for them. I have learned a lot from a few of these people, but mostly I've had to learn shielding techniques.

By my 30s I was leaving it behind. I still associated with artists and spiritual types, but I didn't dabble in the occult. I married, bought a house, worked, and lived a fairly normal live for the next couple of decades. I continued my exploration of religions and philosophies, and never doubted the spirit world existed. I've never been totally free from manifestations. I still pulled out the Tarot cards once in a while. Then my marriage came apart, I lost it all and had to start over. That was eight years ago, and that's when the really interesting stuff started.

Without going into a long ramble I'll just say that my mind began to be opened, and all of the early training began to come back to me and it began to make sense in a way it never had before. Now, it's: so THAT'S why they taught me all that stuff!

The last two years have been a time of almost nonstop information input. Sometimes I am left with my head spinning! I often see spirits as well as sprites. Sometimes I even hear them. I have EVPs, OBEs and NDEs. I've been visited by spirits and by entities, and have no idea WHAT they were. I've seen my parents in the spirit world (they're still in conflict). I've seen forward, backward and sideways, sometimes at the same time. I have listened to the voices of trees and seen them glow. All of this is part of the constant stream of data. I have learned - am learning - how to engage specific areas of the brain in ways that give these visions and encourage new insights. I'm learning to do things and visit levels that used to require the use of psychedelics. The visions aren't as intense, but the epiphanies are better.

In the last two years I have been shown that my city is built on top of an ancient ceremonial landscape of huge dimensions. There's every indication that it is older than the Indians who say they have lived here for 10,000 years. I am still gathering information, but if I'm really the only one who knows about this and if I have the eerie feeling that I didn't find it but was "shown" it, well then that's part of this stream of insights. I have discovered an enormous sensitivity to earth energies. And I have found peace.

Now the work starts. How do I?? I don't know, I'm finding out. I can't always tell if I've found the way or the way has found me. Doesn't really matter so long as I am in the right place at the right time, does it? I do not know where this incredible path leads, but I'm finding what I searched a lifetime for even when I didn't know what I was looking for. Tranquility and peace, universal love, new windows of perception - and work, good work.

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