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Default Re: Dr. John Waterman updated Protocols

Originally Posted by Moxie View Post
I realize that you two are working out the kinds to a new website, however, I made a comment to a post there that went into pending approval, and when I checked back a few days later it was not there... so I guess I was dissed.

and, I've replied to John a couple times as a result of his initial request for contact since he noted that we are in each other's neighborhood... then, nothing! I was going to purchase the packet on pleomorphics, I finally rec'd an email w/the cost of $9 but was not provided w/an address to mail it to until I wrote back for it but then, no one inquired of my snail mail address either.... it started to become funny, still, no one has realized it! hmmm... me thinks you are very busy, on overload, or maybe you need an admin asst... I'm available.. lol

Just disappointed that a "fellow avalonian" offered up for contact, but then no follow-up... ya must be BUSY as heck.
I recall your email indicating you were unable to register on the site, to which I responded the same day (Feb. 13th). John emailed you on Feb. 25th providing you with his postal address, likely assuming your mail to him would include your own postal address.

There has been no indication of a post from you on the mentioned your connection gets 'bogged down" - perhaps that is part of the issue? Regardless, we certainly welcome posts, and your registration is confirmed. We appreciated your thoughtful comments (by email) about what we have been working on, as I mentioned in my email to you when you were having a hard time registering.

I hope this helps, let me know if anything else "funny" happens! At this time we are certainly experiencing an "information war" as was evident by the recent unauthorized access to three (!) of our servers on which specific information was removed.
Kindest regards,
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