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Default Dr. John Waterman updated Protocols

Hi guys,

Just wanted to mention for anyone who has not connected with Dr. Waterman lately that he sent me some updated info on the H1N1 "Protocol". I posted it on TJC under "Health information".

I cannot stress "Preparedness" enough... I've mentioned it so much on The Waterman Files I know a fair number of you may be kinda nauseated to hear me mention it again, but it's really good to see so many folks here getting it together.

Oh, I haven't had a chance to look around much lately so I am not sure if others have put together any info/evidence material on HAARP with relation to the Haiti earthquake, but I put John's investigation up tonight as well. It's really interesting... one thing to "wonder" but very different to actually see and hear what HAARP was doing before, during and after the quake. A LOT of activity two days prior, then silence. Less than 10 hours later, tectonic nightmare.

Kindest regards,
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