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Default Alabama Hill - Google Earth Anomaly !

Alabama Hill, Australia - Google Earth Anomaly

This was reported at Blossom Goodchild's web site in the last few hours. Break out Google Earth to view this. First, a note on how often Google Earth images are updated.

According to the following excerpt, even though Google Earth images are satellite images, they still have to go through a process to get them compatible with the Google Earth platform, so they are at least three hours old.


..."There is near real- time imagery of Earth available on Google Earth. Taylor writes," first there's the new Clouds layer. Found under the new Weather layer folder. The clouds are actually taken from weather satellites and are a global picture of the clouds as recent as 3 hours old..."

Next, to complete the background for this, on the bottom of the following Update to "The Announcement," the Federation Of Light (in bolt text) gave this weird clue, seemingly not relevant to what was being discussed:

A table!

So, to see the anomaly on Alabama Hill, fire up Google Earth. Enter these coordinates:

-20.08314010251281, 146.24935626983643

From there, place a "check mark" next to STREET VIEW from the options on the left. When the map comes into Street View, click the closest camera icon to the coordiantes. Wait till the map comes into focus, then PAN UP.


Excerpt from the person that discovered this:

..."Blossom there is a big Table over Australia taking up the majority of the country, I thought it was some glich, but zoom down Alabama Hill, Alabama Road, go into the picture on the road and pan up, You are going to be very surprised. Not only is it in that pitures it's in every one over the country, I checked out 10 pictures and looked up in the sky I'm so blown away right now, and so excited..."

Originally reported:
select "Federation Of Light," then October 14, 2008

Also note all the "Updates" from the Federation Of Light after the Announcement are at the "Channellings" link.
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