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Default Re: Astronauts see UFO's on Moon, NASA erases Tapes

I thought this was another thread but its still cool...

Did anyone here see the picture of the woman who crashed landed on the moon in a small space ship? She was presumed to be dark (looking like African decent). The wreckage was a few thousand of years old. I for the life of me canít seem to find that picture at all on the net. It was a B+W picture. The craft was a small cigar shape tube just big enough to house her body. She had on a very thin astronaut suit but no helmet and she looked like she was sleeping. TBH, I think it was a coffin of some sought that was shot out of a bigger shipÖ.judging from the pictures.

Iím not sure if I found it here or in another forum. Or maybe it was something my partners showed me. I believe she was from the time this planet was going thru its changes (floods and so on). When these people left Egypt, maybe she was shot down or lost control of her shipÖor maybe this was a landed space burial....or maybe she wasn't from here at all....

I get so much info from different places itís sometimes hard to keep up with it all. Iím sure Iíll find it, and will place it here later. If anyone here knows what I'm talking about please post the pics, or PM me...thanks in advance.

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