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Originally Posted by Church View Post

I truly hope that some of you were able to watch these videos before the removal. I know that a good majority of them co-starred Danny, so cveitch's Youtube page is relatively empty now.

Haha, I was just about to post a link to charlie's channel. I am happy to see You guys already knew about them.
However, some update on the empty youtube page.... Although, You are right about the split and that the videos with Danny (Evertything is Ok) were put down, I am even happier to report that the videos are online again. After a heart moving video message from Charlie (basically saying, that the videos belong to the people) to Danny, Charlie uploaded them again with an encouragement to all the users to download them before they get pulled off because of copyright infringement, and to upload them again under different names. And that's what I did. However, I didn't upload them, yet- the originals are still all online, but I have them on my hard drive.
Anyway...- click here for Everything is OK 1
You can scroll down/up under uploads to watch them all ...
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