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Default Re: God is alive and well

Originally Posted by beren View Post
Greybeard and RedeZra,

I can tell you from my own experience ,as soon as I think that I got it all, in a sense that I finally start to "get it"...
a new layer unfolds before me.

But there is always one string that is present,tiny string which requires a keen eye to see it always and that is ,if you trust God, he will never abandon you and will always lead you through your life towards knowledge that YOU particularly need to own regarding him and his intentions.

What do you think?
Yes Beren
The path is narrow, straight, and time is short.

When I look back the path has been pretty straight.
learning from one teacher/book, then when think I understand another teacher/book appears. Eckhart Tolle I refused four different time/ four different enthusiastic people.
I said " I only read teachers who are enlightened, time is short I have set a goal of enlightenment so I don't read others", little did I know. I thought only Indians were enlightened.
Read the first few pages to please a friend. Wham bang I couldn't put the book"The Power of Now" down, read it 7/8 times, thats a first for me. Enlightenment isn't a personal goal now its a spiritual intention which is different.
Dr Hawkins I was ready for but it came through a friend leaving a cd set with me. That was good, no sooner listened to that then another friend gave me his book.
So looking back I can see the thread. I got exactly what I needed when I needed it.
Same with arriving here.

Question Beren is, Do we actually do anything after the first serious step towards God?
Seems to me we are led every step of the way.
I liken it to getting on a conveyor belt at an airport, once on it it is easier to stay on it.
Becomes effortless.

Oops didn't mean to say so much, -----did I?????

Regards Chris
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