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Default Re: God is alive and well

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Religious beliefs have always puzzled me.
How can a God of unconditional Love judge us and send us to a hell?
Yes we are told there are consequences for our actions but the advice comes from love, we are not threatened just advised.

yes I believe God is sentimental lol

and loves us with the Love of a thousand mothers

that is why He is so quick to forgive when someone repents

but God is Truth too

so He is just

the charm of a game is in the rules

if there was no rules to soccer

the game would soon loose all purpose and interest

likewise the Universe is adorned with self governing universal laws

some like gravity is more evident than the cause and effect

when someone chooses to break one of these laws

and does not repent earnestly

then the boomerang of karma will eventually backfire

so we are the cause of our own fortune and misfortune

now it seems we are approaching the end of this age of chaos

a golden age is dawning behind the horizon

an anticipation of harmony is in the air

if the world is to witness peace for a thousand years

then where will the warmongers and their ilks go

perhaps they will be restricted access into the world for a time

but I doubt they will leisurely spend a thousand years in heaven
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