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Default Re: God is alive and well

God is alive and well

Good News

if God is One

then who are we

if God is Love

then why are we

if God is Truth

then what are we

seems to me that God is

everything everywhere ever

then where came all this diversity from

and why don't we see and feel the underlying unity of God

besides what we see is just the tip of the iceberg

Creation is manifold with diverse layers of existence and beings

what is it that clouds our eyes from the wisdom and vision of Light

it must be a pretty powerful agent of God

perhaps God Himself


so the sport and play of the countless inhabitants in all levels of existence

will be believed and acted upon

while God oversees it all and intervenes at His own discretion

the Great work of God which He Loves

and if we seek Him in all earnestly we will naturally Love Him and abide His Laws

and He will rush out from His place of hiding and meet the seeker

He is in the Heart in the Heaven in everything Really
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