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Default Re: Without Feeders No Readers

Originally Posted by Rocky_Shorz View Post
Piles of Garbage get great reviews too... lol

it must be tough for someone that rates how well their different topics have done to see an all out brawl, where garbage is being spewed as one of the hottest topics the forum has ever had...

now me on the other hand has never come up with a topic of interest or a comment that anyone has enjoyed enough to keep reading, I have my 3 or 4 readers that follow me but I stay away from the pack and share what I enjoy talking about.

sure maybe I'm talking to myself but at least there are no arguments...

once in a while I have people that actually post a pat on the back and I go really and go back to see what it was that I wrote...

now Trancoso, I read your goodbye, saw you toss your hands up saying I am so done with this place...

but ya know what...

you are back again today, and will be tomorrow too...

relax, you're going to love what is coming...
Members read completely different subjects than guests. Members mostly read recent posts - that sometimes function as 'chat-threads'.

I thought there was a chance I'd get banned for posting an angry reply. I've also made clear that I don't want to be associated with part 2: 'AVALONOGY'. As long as I can post here, I will.

I sencerly hope I'm gonna love what's coming. But honestly, I don't really care anymore. In my heart I know I won't be here to do what I did, & graduatly won't come hear at all.

I had the same with PC, I hardly ever check it, because I haven't heard anything or anybody in a long time, that had to tell something of interest.
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