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Default Without Feeders No Readers

Since I was granted - 'with joy', a one year gift spot, (July 29, 2009) by Karen, I contributed with 86 'TRANCOSO' threads to this forum.

The first month I only posted replies in order to establish my name & get familiar with the other members & vice versa. From then on I started my own threads. Right from the very beginning, my threads had good ratings – being the amount of replies/views.

Somewhere in December I began to follow the development of my threads on a daily bases, because I wanted to find out which topics were viewed, by how many. Because it’s essential to know if topics with very few replies, have a steady growing amount of views.
For example: ‘Indigenous Native American Prophecies (Hopi Elders)’, has had 4 replies, meaning that the thread was hardly discussed. Since its last reply (25-11-’09), it grew from 189 to 916 views. This tells me that the above subject has been visited by nearly 700 people, most of them ‘unique’ - I presume, without ever being ‘pushed’ by a new reply, to give it a boost.* In other words: it’s a subject which has a strong appeal to a large amount of members/guests. So next time I bump into an article on this subject, it’s worth posting it as a new thread.

* When you start posting threads yourself, it’s very important for your confidence, that your thread scores a high amount of views. Adding a reply to a thread puts it on top of the posting list, which boosts the amount of views for a short period, depending on the amount of guests online. It tells you something about your popularity, etc.

My point is, that the adding of content (new threads) by regular posters (established avatars) is essential for a forum like this, to attract visitors. People ‘drop by’ to see if their ‘favourites’ have posted something new of interest.

If Avalon 2 is launched, & the top 10 of your ‘content’ feeders shows no interest in the invitation to join, your overall visitor rating will drop with at least 60%.

In other words: your preaching in an empty church.

The fundamental aspect of Avalon was/is TRUST. Why do the founders of Avalon 2 expect us to ever trust them again in the future, after what has happened? I know I won’t.

So who's gonna believe the revelations of whistleblowers, on a forum that is founded upon a palace revolution, lies & deceit?

Higher ethics? You just told the members of your family, who trusted you, & felt save to reveal their secrets, they no longer belong to this family of love & light anymore.
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