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Wink Re: My Fascinating Last Post

I've only been off-line since 11:00 am Sat. -- about 14 hours ago, and i come back on and all of the sudden Phtha is leaving (going where?)), and the forum's going down (temporarily??), and our mostly-happy-but-sometime-angry-and-defensive-as-hell family is breaking up??? we're divorcing each other? or, are some of us just going on vacation for awhile??

Phtha--i LOVED your "fascinating post" and wish i could have had a chance to know you better here at PA. but what i do know of you, i definitely like! (and you're obviously "Mr. Popularity here! LOL)

anyway ...... i HAVE been here EVERY DAY this year, i think (OMG! i wonder if that's good or bad?!? oh yea ..... almost forgot ..... note-to-self ..... "don't forget to transcend duality!") anyway, back to the point, i've "heard-tell" that some people are choosing to leave PA (PC?), due to our recent wild and crazy crises/tempests/kerfuffles. but i guess the reality of it is just now hitting me ..... hard ..... and it hurts. like a kick in the gut, or finding out an old friend has "moved on," either geographically or dimensionally. i certainly don't mean to doubt your discernment or the wisdom of your decision, Ptah. i'm just being human, i suppose, and maybe not a starhuman but just a plain-old human (do starhumans get sad? what about dragonized starhumans?? yes, i really think they MUST.)

Well, i can always hope that our paths cross again, Phtha ..... maybe on that "great forum in the sky," where peace and love and harmony and service and humility and creativity will be the orders of the day!

love in the here and now and the there and then,
in the One in Many and the Many in One,
in the Unity of Separatedness and the Separation of Unity,
Shalom, Namaste, Peace, Aloha, Over-and-Out, See ya.

your new fan, old sister, and fellow traveller,

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