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Default Re: Has your third eye opened yet?

There are two "third eyes". The pineal itself and a point within the pineal. The psychic third eye, the pineal is very limited and of little use. The real link to the higher regions starts at the point within the pineal. If you are really there, you have (not pretend to have) all of the Ahymsa powers mentioned by Patanjali. If you don't have them, you have NOT reached the third eye in full consciousness. Glimpses, mandalas and the like are just phenomena and indicators. The mind is a terrible liar and the regions of matter are full of lies. Reaching the real third eye is only the beginning of the real journey. All of the so called great sages of the past like the real Buddha, Jesus, and even the much higher sages of the Upanishads all fell. Brahm fell. To escape matter is nearly impossible with out the True Supreme Guide. Almost no one get to even the beginning of the real journey. Ego deceives.
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