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I agree ..... this synchronicity is WILD! what are the odds?!? but i really think you shouldn't blame yourself too strongly for being the catalyst for these "splits" you're seeing ..... and even if you are responsible ...... that probably just means it was TIME for a change, right?!

Good luck with your protests, Church ...... we need more dedicated awake and aware people like you out there "spreading the good news." well ..... i guess you're actually sharing the bad news 1st and then the good news...the hope for regaining the full civil rights and comprehensive protections afforded us as private citizens by the Constitution and Bill of Rights anyway ..... thanks on behalf of those of us who aren't out-on-the-street spreading the good news. (though i have been calling approximately 45 or so people each day the last several days, to get support for the health care reform bill ..... or ..... what's left of it, that is!


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