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Well. This is interesting. Basically, about 4 hours ago Charlie released a new video update, stating that Danny has resigned his post with the Love Police, and has asked for Charlie to remove all videos that contain footage of him, to which Charlie complied. He states that there is no tension between them, and that Danny simply has personal reasons for moving on.

Why do I seem to cause massive change to occur whenever I focus my attention on something? This seems to happen to me a lot lately. Right after I decided to start actively posting here on Avalon, Bill and Kerry split apart. Now I've been talking about the Love Police incessantly for the past 3 days, and Danny and Charlie have split up. I should be used to this by now, bringing Change with a capital C with me, everywhere I go... but for some reason it still shakes me up. Anyway, if it's my fault that the Love Police are undergoing drastic changes right now, then I apologize to whomever I've affected.

I truly hope that some of you were able to watch these videos before the removal. I know that a good majority of them co-starred Danny, so cveitch's Youtube page is relatively empty now.

Charlie, I still wish you the best of luck, and I know you can do this without Danny. He will be missed, but this thing is so much bigger than you or him, so it must continue...
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