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I have come to the conclusion that there are three types of dreams upon the minds of mankind at this time.

There seems to be a fortelling of the the coming change. Most Scripture and legend, science and suthsayer tell us of three most possible out comes. The judgment day in the bible tells us of the Celestial, terestial, and telestial judgment. Illuminaty tell of three outcomes of 2012, Mayan, Native Americans and so on and so forth all agree on this idea.

I see three main sets of dreams telling each individule of his/her forth coming place after acsension/progression/move.

1. A moving up, Ascension or celestial glory. I think that people having flying dreams, or dreams of healing and of wonderful peace and powers of the mind to do good and of universal love, are seeing the change for them will bring them to the 4th density.

2. The passage dream, where a very scary event happens and they just pass through it with little or no harm,( see David Wilcocks sunami dream ). These people will stay the course and continue in this time and space.

3. The fear dream of torment, these souls need to be sent back to a time of darkness and brutality to learn the lessons of universal love the hard way agian.

Bless you if you have the "moving up" Dream, you have learned to love all even your enemies.

Bless you if you have the "Passage Dream", for you have learned enouph to be part of mankind moving on to the stars to become a major force for good.

Blessed are you if you must be moved to torment, for the universe loves you enouph to give you time to learn and grow, for life is a gift and death is an illusion.

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