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Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
Wonderful OBE/Dream and i liked BOTH of your insights/interpretations ..... good work, guys!

Yes, thanks for your input! I really think there is lot happening in our dreams. I have couple more dreams that have been different to my normal dreams. First happened over ten years ago. My brother who passed away year or so earlier, came to my dream. It was a short dream, there was other people as well, we were driving a convertible on a nice summer day, my brother wouldn't say anything but was just smiling on the back seat. We arrived to a cemetery and next thing I remember is my brother tied himself on to one of the tombstones and said to me: "you have to leave me here, you have to let me go." and that was it. I'm pretty sure he was my brother in person and not just my imagination, because before that I never even thought that I would be holding someone. Second one was just recently. My mums partner passed away last year. I have been away a long time before he died, and I never got to say good bye to him. Around christmas time i had a dream about him.
I asked him how he was doing, he said he was good, then I just said "it is really nice to see you" and we hugged, then I woke up.
Would anyone have links to good websites that deal with dreams?
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