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Default Re: Artificial Intelligence Wave - it's no joke.

Originally Posted by eleni View Post
I went back to my room at around 4:15 that morning. I got ready for bed and turned the light off- all of a sudden I saw and felt a scanner, scanning me-
at that point I realized what was happening and why (the why this was happening is the part I cannot divulge because it would *out* someone- let's just say I spent a good portion of the night speaking with this person) for some odd reason the AI system let me get a glimpse of what is behind it.

When that occurred, a warp type scenario/other dimensional type situation was underway right there in the was very weird, very alien and hard to describe....

I cannot say *who* is behind the AI system- only that I sensed great malevolence and a very alien presence.

I forced myself to stay awake for several hours until it was light out and then I closed my eyes for an hour or so to get some rest.

I don't think the average person has to worry about the AI system- it only surveilled me because of who I was with and there is probably nothing anyone can do about it unless they know how it operates.

Am more inclined to think that if it is Annunaki based as Bill says, then one would only have to worry if they are in contact with a person working with the Annunaki's etc; that being the Annunaki's want to make sure nothing is being said about them etc; that's just a guess and I can't say what type of AI system Ravens and Dove's encountered.
Last week we sent a planetary Annunaki Overlord (stationed in area of Tibet) back to his source, and also a being one level above him. One person told me about 52,000 people on this planet are targeted for scheduled AI transmission which does not damage the spiritual being, but to the extent a being is confused between himself and his constructs, it can have the apparency of doing damage.

You know what this means? Those 52,000 are doing something "right" and are becoming uncomfortably aware.

In the larger scope, if Earth is nothing more than the "big toe", then a higher up general will cut off his big toe to save his foot, and that is a concern. Suggestions from lightworkers for helping to form strategy are welcome.
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