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Believe it or not dude, I hear you! We are all for the most part doing our part the best we can. Never certain what is in store for us tomorrow. All I know is where I have been but couldn't tell you where I will be. Our Galaxy does have issues. It isn't just this Planet. Everyone talks about oneness but can they actually connect to what they are really talking about or are they just wishing it was so?

Plus I also have seen so many get lost in the search for data. I did that to when I was younger. When I would find myself in a new experience, there was no data that I could retrieve that would have assisted me with that experience. It's not like you can grab a book right in the middle of say when a ghost appears and look through the index as to how to solve a ghost issue right in front of you. I have given tons of books away. I really learned that lesson when I was confronted by 4 ghosts all at once and I was scrambling in my head looking for the answers my brain couldn't find the questions to. Talk about an OXYMORON. I had a friend who was deeply aligned with the Angelic Realm, reached over and placed a few of his fingers right above my heart and said the answers you are looking for are right there. That was when it happened. The switch was turned on after all the research I had done. When it happened, I knew in an instant what I had to do in that situation. I haven't looked back since. And that is all I can really tell people is right now more than ever is to focus on the "WITHIN YOU".

You already know! Just got to open your own doors. It is there waiting. It is at that moment that you become a true genius because it is so simple. All the data that is out here is not going to make that happen for anyone. I'm guilty. I did it for years. Spent countless hours and excelled at absorbing anything related to the unknown. I ate it up because in those days it was not a well known subject and conversation was very limited as to who might be open minded. I also needed answers. But the ones I needed were not what I truly needed. It was a rare find to find anyone to talk about it really. Now look at what is going on and how many are becoming aware. And better yet know something.

There are so many agendas out there coming to light and just pick one to entertain oneself. Or several. Anyways, I have been up for a long time now and heading to get some shut eye. All night in fact. See ya all in a few.


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