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Red face Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?

hello wormhole and others...

and perhaps to BE is the first stage of KNOWING...

indeed, i do love to read posts about the heart.
in terms of mayan cosmology, attuning to the heart of the galactic centre: the Great Mother...

the evocative poem by "future eyes"- the ocean metaphor/seascape is so central to our watery planet earth. i envisaged boats- circular (vortex/toroidal?) with coloured sails...not the tradional linear kind forging ahead with angular sails...
and each boat is listening to the pulse, or the gong as many have beautifully expressed.

I wanted to put forth the need to release fear at a very deep level.
and this must start on a personal level. yes, as within, so without..
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