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Default Help with Flying Dream?

Had a dream the other night and it was not the first of its type.

I was teaching myself to literaly fly in this physical body.
I would jump off structures and fall for a second then turn it on and I could fly.

It was coming from my chest and if I just did it and did not think about it I could fly. In this dream I also taught my sister how to fly and we were jumping off buildings ect.. and flying.

Last year I had a dream where I was on a street in the middle of know where and something was teaching me that I could move super fast along the road.

It would tell me its inside just don't think about it and when I woke up I could honestly tell you how to create that feeling, but soon forgot about an hour after I woke up.

This flying was the same feeling I just knew that If I just did it I could feel it and do it.

Thanks Tom
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