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Default Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?

Hello everyone, I wanted to let you all know that I just got back from Colombia for the past 5 weeks. Long trip but worth the time. The Great Gathering is closer all the time.

I was directed to come to here by a friend who told me that some of you had shared some remarkable statements from your hearts.

Wow, I am happy that I listened to her and now I have had the opportunity to read this thread here.

Work is always being done by me to make this a reality and I must say that as I get things in place it will all come together and be clearer for us all.... that includes me. This is a collective movement and I am working with many people to get the foundation going.

Keep checking both my websites. New things being shared there from my trip to Colombia with the Sacred People of the Sierra Nevada.
Love to all of you, Miriam
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