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Default Re: What does the "Great Gathering" mean to you?

a great gathering to us
is this:
get up; in the morning; gather all of your aspects together,
put both feet on the floor; and; go out into the world,
and, eXpress your best eXpression

go to bed; at night; gather all your aspects together,
put your body into bed;
and; go into the dream_time
commanding/and, demanding
that NOTHING less that is less than
100% in alignment with your missions/purposes/or tasks
can come in, to meet you, or to greet you
and, that way ~ you are going to have amasing dreams

also - at night - ask that your old filing cabinents
within all your lower/and, higher minds
and, within all your lower/and, higher hearts
get cleansed/cleared/and, purged of anything you NO longer require

any 'great gathering' depends on YOU - coming to any eXchange
with yourself / your selves / or with others
being the very best you can be

there are real simple ways-to do that

it starts with asking - and; setting your will, as, your way,

which iS THE 'only' WAY !!!


"order yourself UP...and,
allow NO one else,
to monkey with you" (13*)
only those things that
are in 100 percent
alignment with missions/purposes/tasks"

(13* - sub your own soul sigil/or soul signature here)
and if you do NOT yet know it,
simply make one up - call yourself,
any name; you wish to call yourself.

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