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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

So how to transcend the ego.

Mine is work in progress.

What I have found greatly increased peace of mind and therfore the degree of silence is the following.

Find a quiet place in nature, for me it was a loch, I spent time watching ducks without comenting labeling, totaly in the moment, fully present.
Of course my mind wasent to happy with this and tried to get my attention. It took time a lot of it, many visits, to get to a degree of single minded ness.
I was amazed to find how much more alive the experience was because I refrained from talking to myself about it,

Next stage was in meditation, first to be totaly aware of the energy in the body, to feel the course of the breath moving in the body.

I had a very stressfull life having been in buisness and at night my mind was full of past and future, it literalily exhausted me. I was advised to stop talking to myself. Was there two of me. Well two voices in the head, one I had control over, the other the ego. So when my other mind was in action reminding me of what I had to do and failed to do I just let it be, dident feed it with atention dident ignore it just let it be. It kicked and strugled screamed and shouted like a little child. (not literalily just painting pictures) bit by bit it gave up shouting for attention.

It helps if you can see it also as having two minds, one being the working practical mind and the other being emotional/egoic,
The practical mind will allways be there.

I have let go of having to be right, what a relief that is, try it for just one day and see what happens, I asked myself would I rather be right than happy. No contest. Somtimes I am right and happy but thats effortless -- nothing to prove.

Anyway enough for now.
Chris ---- whatever he is
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