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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

To me, the entire point of the spiritual journey, of the Truth that will set us Free, of where humanity needs to go, all revolves around the illusion of the separate self that is the human ego.

To me the human ego is the character that was created by the illusion that we are separate and not one. Oneness is reality, but Oneness is not sameness. The ego can never understand this, because it is born of the illusion of separation. In separation we are separated from our source, from Life itSelf. We seek our self confidence outside of us, based on how we are compared to others. The ego does not seek the benefit of the whole, rather only to benefit oneself compared to others.

When we feel separate from each other and from God, suffering occurs. This is our current state in the world. Run by the ego, seeking acceptance, love, being better than our neighbor all by seeking outside of ourselves.

When we are in Oneness, we are in Oneness with our source, with the Divine. We have the ultimate Self worth, ultimate Self confidence because we are One with the infinite, I and my Father are One. We also see the infinite lives in our neighbor, and we are interconnected, we are One, so we wish only to benefit the Divine in All Life. We celebrate each other and raise up the whole rather than working to push down others, which pushes down the whole, and raises up our separate self relative to the whole.

The ego is the thinker, I think I am this or that, that is how it survives.

Pure Being is "heaven". When we are Being, we are letting the Divine in us express itSelf through us, because it is who we really are. We are the Master, not the victim. We are the co-creator.

The ego is simply unconsciousness. We sleep while it lives our life for us, and leads us to continuous karmic cycles of death and suffering, peaks and valleys, but the peaks are so far below what life is like when we are Being.

To take back control of our world, we need to take back control of our own consciousness. Be fully conscious Now. The illusion of the seperate self is what stands in the way of our own God victory.

However, the ego is not our enemy, we are not here to fight it, only the ego would fight because it would increase our seperation rather than Oneness. To overcome ego, we simply must become More conscious.

When we observe the voice in our head, the thinker, we transmute it. Simply by Being here Now, the ego is Being transmuted, Divine Alchemy is taking place.

My "I" is not my ego, my "I" is who I AM. But as soon as I am this or that, that is my ego. In my state of Being, I AM always transcending mySelf, always becoming More. My sense of identity is always expanding, One day I will be a Sun ~ a Galaxy even, Always transcending forever More. This is who I AM and I Will Be what I will Be.

Only the ego, seeks security in no-change. But Life is a river and it is always moving and becoming More. Change is cosmic law. Everything must transcend itself. Suffering results from attachment to non-transcendence, to keeping things the way they are. This is not possible, because everything must become More in the game of Life.

For me, I have committed to surrendering the ego, letting the human ego die. I have made a vow, I happily do so, to Be reborn as a caterpillar into a butterfly or even as the Phoenix that rises from it's ashes.

Beyond ego is who you and I AM. The Divine ego, that is not based on separation, rather it is based on Oneness ~ Not sameness ~ Divine Individuality ~ our Divine Blueprint in Oneness ~

Each one of us is unique and beautiful Divine Flame of God.

We are Co-Creators with God / the Infinite and we are not separated from our source. Let us remember by Being Love Now ~ who we really are ~ Mighty Co-Creators in Being in Oneness and together we will raise up All Life on this planet and fix the apparent problems we face now.

Take dominion over your planet, by letting the infinite within you take dominion over you ~ Because you see clearly this is who you really are ~ the Divine Self ~ Being below all you are above.

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