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Default Re: The ego what is it? How to transcend?

Originally Posted by Leunamros View Post
Im not talking about being in control, but you otherwise cannot pinpoint exactly, and definitively, if whe are out of it or not, you dont even know what truly potential you have, yet, your own thoughts are your own life experience sentences, your own creativity, your own responsability, and its sad to avoid to take your power by the excuse of "duality-causality"; im tired of all that, sorry. You encourage disempowerment. You want to trascend ego to be what, nothing?, to experience good emotions?, to be unbalanced forever then, if you wanna experience, forever, good emotional states?, i think you dont know yourself enough to understand , what i do about what we are, but, anyway, i could be wrong.

I dont buy all the "we dont have any control over anything", because we have control over our decisions. Given a circumstance, we can choose how to react.

But i see you havent understood at all my idea of ego though.
Dear Leunamros
Of course you are correct.
You have complete control over what you do within your own potential.

I would like to be a great piano player but that not a choice open to me,

My understanding is that the ego actually limits a person by bringing all kinds of cant do this fear up.
Ego less is free of fear there for able to enjoy life to the full.
There is so much miss understanding regarding this subject which is why I brought it up.
Good self esteem is very healthy that is not being a big headed ego.
Its a statment of fact to say that a person excells at whatever they choose to do.

Bear in mind Im not saying im right about anything its just my understanding of the moment, which may well change.

Regards Chris
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