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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

My vision holds no catastastrophies in the future friends .
I believe that life lived from the heart is taking care of itself.
My vision sees humanity uniting in shared values , learning to
live with one another in respect for all of creation and of mother
This has to start with some gathering with the same purpose
of laying down the step stones of an new world.
This process has already taken place testimony to this are the numerous
eco villages that already exists.These are already showing the way.
There should be inter connectdedness between all the communities
be it those that you'll build or the ones that already exists
so that each one can travel to the other and exchange freely.
When this is done on a large scale in the end every single individual
on this earth with be part of ONE loving community of beings.
We are all powerfull and radiant individuals and everyone of us allready
does his best to shine his light and wisdom around him .
Radiant people when they gather can radiate even more.
Avalon is a large community in itself, this healing thread
and nexus are communities within the larger one.
See the miracles that we are able to manifest.
Built and gather with and from your heart and know there is nothing to fear.
We are all ONE. ONE family .All we have to do is re-member.

YouTube - ॐ The Hundredth Monkey ॐ[/ame]"]

Loving kindness

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