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Default Re: Healing list....put the name here ....

I posted this on another thread...but it should be shared here

Some interesting information I read in a book...
Ramtha The white Book............

Page 241/242

The whole of your brain capacity is immense, yet you in
your limited thinking have been able to use only one-third of it.
What do you think the rest of it is for, to fill up an empty hole?
Your body is maintained according to your brain and your
collective thinking, for every thought you allow to enter your brain
electrifies and feeds every cell of your body. Yet from the time you
were a child and could reason in social consciousness, you accepted
the programming that you must grow up, become old, and then
die. So because you accepted that thought, you began to degrade
the life force within your body, because the thought of olderness

sends a slow or low frequency, electrical spark to each cellular
structure. The slower the rate of speed, the greater the loss of
agility within the body, for the body is lessened in its ability to
rejuvenate and restore itself. Thus age is permitted to occur and
ultimately the death of the body. Yet if you allowed yourself to
continuously receive higher thought frequencies, you would send
faster and more high-powered electrical currents throughout your
body and it would stay forever in the moment, thus never advancing
in age or dying. But everyone here knows it will age and die, so
slowly the current becomes less and less and less.

Those portions of your brain that have not been activated
at the present have the ability - simply through knowing - to
reconstruct any damaged part within your body, wherever it is.
The moment you know your body can heal itself, that thought
sends a greater spark through the central nervous system to where
the damaged part is, which will cause the DNA factor within each
cell to clone and reconstruct the cell perfectly.
Perfectly. You think
that is miraculous? That is the way it should be and is.
You think that the only way your body can be healed is
through physicians and medicines. And they work, for you believe
that they do. You have also been told - and believe - that you
cannot do it on your own; thus you cannot, for that knowingness
is present. Yet there are entities who have sought out healers,
knowing that what they would hear would be an absolute truth.
And by knowing it, it became an absolute truth within the
embodiment; thus they were healed in a moment. That is what
knowingness does, and it can change your body to however you
want it to be. You have the capacity to be unlimited even in your
bodily movement, for it was designed to be that way.


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