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Default Any relation to Dr. Pete Peterson's "mooing machine"?

I have been trying to find information about Pete Peterson's "mooing machine". While I did not find information on the "mooing" machine" itself, I did find information on a device that is similar to it in some ways. Pete Peterson could have created his machine by adding audio output as well as diagnostic capability to this one. Or this machine might be a primitive parallel development in the public sector. Take a look at the docs and let me know if you think "I am getting warm", or not. By the way Bruce Tainio, developer of the machine passed away just recently, and this machine has been discontinued.

Google "BT3 Frequency Monitoring System" or "Bruce Tainio" for additional links.

BT3 Frequency Monitoring System Overview:

BT3 Frequency Monitoring System FAQ:

BT3 Frequency Monitoring System Instructions:

Bruce Tainio Obituary
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