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Default Re: Ivan "Evon" Stein 2012 Presentation!

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
As far as I can see he is reading the data correctly , from right to left. And we are currently in a 15k year high of temperatures, just before another drop (somewhat gradual) that would last for about 80k according to the data.
Hi TheChosen. So the next Ice Age will not come before 80 000 years. We agree on that. But that's not what he says. He says the temperature drastically drops after reaching a peak of high temperature, making a connection with the currently global warming. According to the graphic, it is quite the opposite, just like you said. Currently, we are cooling down, progressivly for 80 000 years.

Or maybe I listened to an old presentation of his and he has made so 180 degree change on this topic, which I doupt.

Namaste, Steven
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