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Default Re: escaping ? selling ? letting go of everything ? HOW DID YOU DO IT ???

In the mid '80's I decided to get rid of everything. What an incredible feeling when you have no 'baggage/responsibilities' to drag around! Unfortunately I later began to accumulate stuff again (why, oh why???) and now my apartment is pretty much maxed. What a drag I really want to move (hopefully away from the city), but my mind goes numb at the thought of all the hassle. It's like brain's overbearing OMG !!'s time to downsize and unclutter again. Over the summer I began to take out things I hadn't used in months or years. 3/4 of my books (why do we keep books?....we rarely ever read them again!), clothes (that will fit again - someday....yeah, right , hobbies I never do anymore, old bits of furniture that I was supposed to use - someday (you never do)....on and on. With each load that went - my mind and body felt lighter. I could actually breathe again!! Awesome. It is sooooo freeing. AND.....I swear this is the absolute last time for this!! Enough is enough!
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