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Default Brown abandons No.10

Hi Everybody,

It seems that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown can't pay the rent! (Or does he know something that we don't).

"LONDON (AFP) - Prime Minister Gordon Brown is to break with more than 275 years of tradition and move out of 10 Downing Street -- to take up residence next door at No 12, The Sun newspaper reported on Monday.

The move is a direct result of the ongoing financial crisis which has pushed Brown to look for bigger premises to accommodate him and his key advisers involved in tacking the global crisis.

No 10 has been the seat of government since 1735, but it is a listed building which cannot be structurally altered due to planning permission restrictions.

But now, Brown will direct operations from an open plan 'war room' at No 12, which is currently occupied by the Downing Street press office and strategic communications unit, said The Sun."

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