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Default Re: Singing 'rewires' damaged brain

I have known intuitively that sound, whether it be toning, singing, playing an instrument, chanting was somehow extremely important in healing. I knew this back in the early 80's, long before I discovered Solfeggio, sacred chanting & singing etc.

Last year I watched the change in palliative care patients living in a nursing home. Usually once a week, a music therapist would visit & sing, play her guitar & keyboard. The patients would get very involved, by singing, clapping their hands, tapping their feet & were disappointed when the hour was up.

Wow, what a change I saw in those people, confirming my own knowingness about the importance of sound. I have also noticed an ex partner who when he was depressed would pick up his guitar, play & start singing. This always brought about great change in his mood. He seemed to instinctively pick up the guitar, when his mood was low.

I have also watched children who were over-excited around bedtime, calm down, when listening to some soothing relaxing music.

I too experience the power of music when I'm feeling low.....I especially lean towards the Solfeggio sounds these days.
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