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Default Re: URGENT Call to action: Stop Monsanto's GMO Contamination!

Originally posted by AscendingStarseed
You know it was one thing when I felt as tho I had freedom to chose between allopathic medicine or natural remedies, but now bigpharma is encroaching on my right to chose how I treat health issues. If that isn't fascism at it's best then what is? And it's all disguised in the name of safety...Was it Andrew Jackson that said "When we give up our freedom in the name of security, then we deserve neither" This time we're not giving it up, they're blatantly taking it from us.
You are right. If I can not make my own decision regarding my body there is not freedom. Sometimes, I feel that it is difficult to be aware and I wish I had just a bad dream. How can I even talk to a doctor who is convinced as you said that it is for a safety reason?
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