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Default Re: Is the current death procedures in this country and around the world occult?

Until We re-learn just exactly what We are, and what part our physical bodies are, then We will never realise the manipulation that is been undertaken to our none physical spirit upon death.
I consider the physical body to be no more than a vessel we occupy and utilise, but it's a close attachment that exists where our spirit does not easily leave the body at death.
We have been blocked from understanding this and persuaded to only recognise the physical, thus the manipulation and possible use of our life force at death then can be utilised by beings that do know what is involved.

Then the word CONCENTRATION can be fully understood as to just what was been CONCENTRATED, and just what may be planned to further CONCENTRATE vast amounts of life force for certain beings adjendas.

Then the orchestrated continuation of WAR may be better understood as a way of obtaining vast amounts of life force in whatever region of the globe it is required for usage.
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