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Default Re: URGENT Call to action: Stop Monsanto's GMO Contamination!

Originally posted by AscendingStarseed
For many years I've wondered if there is an outright conspiracy between the USDA, FDA and American Medical Association to keep us sick as a by product of what they've been doing with our foods. You can't walk into a grocery store and buy anything that hasn't been assaulted with pesticides, radiation, preservatives, GMO/GE frankenfood and all kinds of processing that turns it into some sort of non-food totally devoid of nutrition.
I came to the same conclusion. Big Pharma controls not only doctors but also medical schools.
Well, knowledge is power especially if one controls who the experts are.

Monsanto runs agriculture like mobsters, they are nothing but a bunch of greedy thugs out to totally control the worlds food production and make us sick in the process. It's obvious that they are behind the push for global population reduction, they have absolutely no conscious and need to be stopped before they destroy the integrity of the entire natural food chain - and kill us off in the process. Isn't Monsanto another Rockefeller organization?
I was quite shocked when I learned how big Corporations step by step took over Healthy Food chain. Now, they took off their white gloves and everything is bloody obvious.

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