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Default Re: URGENT Call to action: Stop Monsanto's GMO Contamination!

Originally Posted by AscendingStarseed View Post
Kudos' to you!! I overlooked making a copy of mine, I let'em have it!! I'm furious about this c**p, they;ve gone too far this time...Thank you for taking action!
It was My pleasure...

I will put it simply as this - How can I do anything else if not at least - That...

We must Stand up for Our Collective Reality/LOM (LOM = Level of Maifestation) and State Our Free-will Choices to the Creation Consciously and Overtly. This should obviously mean overt Action when needed...

This was, is and always will be - Required. I do this willingly - Standing in the Open - Declaring My Intentions to the Creation for the Highest and Best Good of All Concerned...

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