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Thumbs up Re: URGENT Call to action: Stop Monsanto's GMO Contamination!

Copy of Email Text to the Secretary...

Anything that takes natural selection out of the order of how We as Humans and the Planet have evolved to this point, demonstrates a lack of common sense by those Who would push such an Agenda on the People.

Only Naturally Organic Food MUST be grown or harvested - Nothing else.

GM Seeds, Crops and Livestock have proven many times to be very harmful to Our Ecosystem and Us as a Species. Simply put - No ecosystem - No Humans and many other Species.

Please help the People to voice their "No" to this most heinous Proposal. After All - YOU are there to do the PEOPLE'S WILL - Not an Agenda's...

Through REFLECTIVITY - We continue to Observe YOUR actions on this Issue and many others with Interest...


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