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Default Re: airport arrogance

Brave. Good thing it was live broadcasting.

Their behaviour is typical of airport staff, and they're saying it's because he's disrupting public flow (um he was standing by the chairs) - but they behave in the 'I tell you what to you, you do it, question me and you won't like it' manner at every part of your journey. They're basically saying that we're all suspected terrorists and they can behave how they want because we as a threat justify it... not just some insider job that will be allowed through probably with actual politeness.

The word games bit was just stupid, they were doing the exact same thing, not answering questions but accusing him of doing it and then trying to get in the way of the camera.

I saw this in an article about MEP's (Members of European Parliament) questioning the scanners:

Raising health concerns and criticising the introduction of scanners in UK airports, British Conservative Charles Tannock warned: "This is the first time ionising radiation is being forced on is more dangerous to skin and soft tissue than radiation on planes".

However, Transport Commissioner Siim Kallas told MEPs, "there is no proposal to introduce compulsory machines in all airports, we will come to you after April following a study on all aspects of this technology".
So they might address health concerns in April, after they've already been using the scanners. But they're likely to play down any health concerns anyway, most people think it's ok to go through the x-ray scanners as it is.

Plus for those who live in the UK, remember this 'you have no right to refuse the scan' whereas in the US you can opt for a full body pat down, which they do a lot of the time anyway. So why not just do that instead of installing these scanners at huge expense, well a pat down is inappropriate and would be classed as sexual harassment or molestation if done by anybody else, but they don't irradiate you and give you brain damage. Also note - the scanners were installed in Manchester and Heathrow but only announced in the papers weeks after, Birmingham is next and then a full roll out.
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